3rd Makedonitissa Public kindergarten "Stylianos Lenas"

The third kindergarten Makedonitissas started its operations 2 years ago. It is located in a community with high socioeconomic level in a sparsely populated area 10 miles away from the city centre Nicosia. The area was developed the last 8 years  so  the houses are new with modern interior and exterior design. Many parents of the school are teachers. The children come to the kindergarten with knowledge and skills that surpass expectations for their age. The majority of the students are Greek Cypriots because the school is located at the non occupied , by the Turks, side of the island. All children speak Greek. The age of the children is  4-6 years.
The curriculum of the kindergarten aims to cognitive, social, emotional and movement development of the children. Along these we allocate many math and literacy activities for preparing children for primary school. The children attending to preprimary classes are allowed for free education. In this project we have the extra responsibility of hosting one meeting but we will participate equally with the other pre-schools in all the other parts of the project.

                                                    CYPRUS SCHOOL PRESENTATION






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