Mildvädersgatan 7 förskola, SDF Västra Hisingen

About us: Mildvädersgatan pre-school is a pre-school located in Västra Hisingen district, city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The Västra Hisingen district has about 52 000 inhabitants and brings together the borough Torslanda with the borough Biskopsgården. Biskopsgården borough, in which the pre-school is located has a high unemployment level, high level of immigration and the area is in comparison to the other side of the the district an area where social disadvantages are predominent features. The pre-school has children from 1 to 5 years and work actively with sustainable development as means of increasing pedagogical quality and to through thematic work use sustainable development as framework for increasing interest and skills also in areas suchs as science, maths and construction/technology with our children. The pre-school has many children with other language and culture backgrounds than Swedish.
Our role in this project: is to coordinate the project and to make sure that the process goes well and that all other pre-schools feel involved at all times.

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