Daugavpils pilsētas 9.speciālā pirmsskolas izglītības iestāde

Daugavpils city special pre-school Nr.9 located in the second largest city of Latvia - Daugavpils. We are engaged in the development and education of children with visual impairments. We accept children from around the region. We are willing to share experiences, learn from the experience of our partners to work with children with special needs. Teachers develop mental, social and personal sphere of the child, organizing developing gaming sessions. Great importance - well-organized pedagogically - corrective process to help children fully develop to succeed in school. One more direction in harmonious development of the child - this is the event of the parents who have children with visual impairment. project will learn and share best practices in the field of education of parents in order to prevent social exclusion. The successful integration of children with functional disabilities in society - the main task . The project Comenius actively studying the experience of other countries, we will help reduce the risk of social exclusion. In the 21st century - successfully integrated and prepared to learn, children with special needs - the basis of a successful society. We will also host a meeting in the project and engage in all the project activities.
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