Leikskólinn Reynisholt

Reynisholt is a four department kindergarten with 86 children from the aged 1-5 years old. The main emphasis in its operation, in addition to daily life, playing and education-fields in accordance to the curriculum, is living-skills education that has been named Life & Skills. The primary means taken in this project are the following:   Touching and touching-related games - Yoga-games, yoga-exercises and relaxing - Environmental education - Emphasis on the child’s self-help -  Working on expression and appearance - Parental participation - Multicultural Education. We also use the nearest areas around our school for play and look at nature. We have, as an addition to our outside play aria, a playground in a clearing next to the school. There all the structures are made from natural materials. This area is used for environmental education, outdoor yoga and to experience nature. We are part of Eco flag project and as a part of that we emphasise environmental education. Part of that our goals are to develop skills and capacity in pedagogical staff on how to work with sustainable development to increase the interest and awareness in children on these issues.
We are situated in a rural area in the capital. This is a fairly new area. We have about 5 children who are bilingual and around 8 children with special needs. We will take an active part in the project and work with our children under the thematic headings.


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