Wednesday, 5 October 2016


The aim with this project is to work for a more sustainable development starting with 9 European pre-schools.

The objectives are to:
• Investigate how different European pre-schools are working with sustainable development focusing on life-cycle and energy.
• Develop a deeper understanding and practical skills in pedagogical staff on tools for working with energy and life-cycle in pre-schools
• Increase the interest and awareness in children on how their action influence the environment and hence society
• Increase the awareness in children on how life-cycle awareness and energy saving can contribute to a more sustainable development.
• Increase the cultural curiosity and awareness in children and staff.

Our approach is described more in-deepth in our activity plan but primarily we focus on thematic work jointly agreed upon among the pre-schools, a thematic work that also continously will be discussed and challenged in the pre-school staff group for the development of a deeper understanding on how work is done at each pre-school and why specific tools and approaches have been chosen. To conclude our appoach is a mix of structured transnational reflection during teachers and headmasters seminars and learning visits and every-day thematic work with the children.


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